Dom Lim
Futures/FX And Derivatives Sales
Sydney, Australia

“I have been trading currencies for many years and have come across many different `sure-win’ strategies and techniques in trading. In fact, I have attended a few of these courses and have attempted to trade using the techniques learnt

I must say that so far, out of the many courses I have attended, not only is COP the easiest to grasp, it is also the most accurate in terms of `sure-wins’. COP has helped me tremendously in improving my accuracy in reading the market.

The method is clear and concise. Best of all I have a mentor who trades and guides and is always willing to impart his knowledge. Thanks Marcus and the COP team.”


  Philip Mulhall
Full Time Trader, Retiree
Cairns, Australia

“Dear Marcus,

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you, and your whole team of supporters for your help in straightening out my futures trading flaws.

For just over 3 months now, I have been learning your methods and relying on your support, to assure me of an improvement in my trading performance. My performance has changed from a “1 forward 2 backwards” style to now a steadily advancing performance, with confidence and understanding of what I can expect from the markets during a trading day.

COP (you, Chris, Sandra) have been able to teach me the basic rules to understand the grammar and structure of price rhythm as it speaks to me through the trading charts. Your entry signals have given me new confidence that I can take a trade and fully understand and accept the likely outcome of the trade. You have taught me how to present myself to the market to take advantage of the opportunities that it offers to all of us throughout a trading day.

Some experts say, signals and trading techniques are only 40% of that which a trader requires to be successful. Perhaps this figure is less, for what a trader needs, in my opinion, is a good set of tools, a sound trading plan and total acceptance of what the opportunities and risks are and confidence to accept that price rhythm is the primary factor in reading a market’s possibilities. If you cannot read the price, you cannot understand what is happening.

The support that you and the team have offered me, both in terms of understanding rhythm and internalization of signals, has been without doubt, fundamental in turning around my trading performance and vastly improving my self confidence. I am sure that many times, without your support and mentoring, I would have given up this journey of learning and experiencing. I would have missed out on developing a deeper level of understanding, both at a personal and trading level and I would not have as many friends and colleagues as I do now.

If I were asked to sum up my appreciation I would say; “the COP teaching of price rhythm rules is clear and concise, the method to internalise entry and exit signals has been made easy and the on-going support and mentoring offered, has been first class and remains on-going”. Well done and thanks!

I would strongly recommend that both experienced traders and those seeking to enter into this fascinating world of trading, should at least take the team at COP as their trading mentor because the value of what is offered by you and the team, is quite amazing and very worthwhile.”


  Eric Chua
Technical Manager

“4 OUT OF 4 TONIGHT ! COP technique is pretty simple and straightforward. The technique works! More importantly, the support is good and I really recommend Concept Of Price to people who are serious in trading US Index Futures.”


  Katherine Tan
Business Owner

“I attended COP course in April 2007. I have never traded before or thought that it will be possible for me to pick up trading as I have no relevant background.

However thanks to Marcus’s tried and tested strategies which are simple and mechanical, no prior knowledge in trading is needed

I have just been focusing on learning 2 of COP’s strategies and to-date I am pleased to share that I have already started trading live with consistent winnings every night.

My best night yet is 5 out of 5! No gimmicks! COP strategies work, so take action now! You only need to stick closely to the rules of COP strategies to achieve consistent results.”


  Rachel Lim
Full Time Trader
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I have learnt so much in such a short time. I have made back some of my prior losses (as a result of other trading methods I learnt elsewhere) in about a month after using COP strategies and this is only the beginning! I hope to join more top traders soon.”


  Pearlyn Tan

“What do you like about us?



  Chris Chua

“A genuine person who holds nothing back and has people’s welfare at heart.

Thanks a million, Marcus.”


  Andrew Tan

“Firstly, I want to thank you for all your coaching given during my trading journey, and today is my 1st live trade using only LSD strategy and profited $120 without any bad trade. I will continue to work and practise well and ensure a successful trading journey.”


  S. Murthi
Senior Sales Manager
Penang, Malaysia

“I am in my late fifties and will soon be retired. I took up trading to be my full time career - for my future. When I was about to give up trading, COP came into my life through my good friend Marcus. Never did I know that Trading could be so exciting, simple, and so very profitable. COP has given me a 'Wholeness' in me.

Before COP, Trading was dreadful. I hope that everyday would be a holiday, so I won't have to trade. BUT, now, Trading has become a joy!

COP should be known as CONCEPT OF PROSPERITY.”


  Adeline Tan
Home Maker

“I like the small group tutorial style; interactive, mentoring programme.

Thanks! You've given me a light to the end of the tunnel towards Financial Freedom & to be able to pursue my other passions & spending more time with my family.”


  Yan Lim

“Seeing the way you work yesterday gave me a new respect for you! You really work hard for your students. I used to think you are some rich millionaire with a easy coaching job. How wrong was i! Thank you again for all the effort and the extra mile you put in to make a difference to my trading.”


  Herve BOUDIN
Logistics Supply-Chain Engineer

“Bonjour Marcus,

I really want to thank you Marcus for all your patience, your help, your kindness.

Who said that trading was not a matter of luck? :-)
I was very lucky to be on your way, and am very grateful to you.

You change my life, the life of my family.
For all this, you can count on me at any time.”


  Grace Tan

“How I wish I had embarked on COP course earlier.

From a fearful and no experience trader at all to someone who can generate profit safely as 2nd source of income is what I have been searching for in the past few years.

COP truly delivers what it claims. On my part, I need to be diligent, abide by the rules and keep simple with 2 strategies.

My utmost gratitude and thanks to Marcus who believes in me and amazingly faithful in coaching me.

Many thanks to Sandra too for her numerous sincere help whenever I approached her.

Presently, I can spend quality time with my family and rest with financial security in my mind.

All thanks to the COP team who made this possible for me!”


  Ann Chow

“Thanks Marcus.

Yours is one of the best "after-sales" service I've seen.
The hand-holding is relentless which is what encourages me to send in my logs night after night. I say this sincerely, not many coaches do this and you are a gem!

So far so good, but if I do arrange for coaching, will consolidate a list of questions/examples and send you beforehand so I don't waste your time :)

With appreciation,


  Mervin Yu

“Hi Marcus,

Yes been on live for 9 days , there is a big difference . I learn to take trades only when its together with bigger charts instead of just whacking 56 chart and 168. I Iearn to be patient , very patient . but i have one thing to conquer , there is i am very tense when i do live . when i do simulated its very relax =)

I am really thankful for your teaching . This is the first time i have been consistent in trading be it stocks, forex, my favourite now its futures russell 2000 ! lol



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