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How to Make Your Money Work for You in Mins! (30 seats free)
If you are someone who wants his/ her money to work hard for you, without putting in days of learning complicated trading jargon, then this might interest you.
Concept of Price, the only private futures trading school in Singapore, will be sharing a simple methodology that requires no trading experience, yet it reaps profitable results within 2 hours a day. This means you will see it work before the workshop is over.
This Free Workshop will show you how its possible to build another source of income while enjoying the following:
Zero Experience Required Our objective is to make it so easy, even inexperienced traders can start profiting without falling behind.
Hours, Not Days Trading Forex, Options and Stocks can take up to days and weeks for one trade to be made. Find out how you can identify
multiple opportunities within 2 hours a day !
Stress-Free Trades How you can make and complete trades in minutes, without having to worry about unexpected news. Sleep soundly every night.
Low Start Capital Start with Just US$3000, you wont lose out on any opportunities. Futures margin / buying power @ US$500 /contract is lowest compared to other financial instruments
Consistent Wins This is not about luck. We will show you how to achieve profitable trades in different market conditions consistently.
Absolute Simplicity There will be no complicated indicators or confusing technical jargon. The process is made easy from start to finish.
No Research Required Our methods are so simple that you
don't need to spend any time researching before making a trade!
No Expensive Software You will not be asked to purchase any expensive platforms today, tomorrow or ever.
Free Bonus Ebook "Ultimate Trading Secrets Exposed!"

Ultimate Trading Secrets Exposed!
Ready to Take The Next Step Towards Creating a 2nd Income Source? Secure Your Seat for our Free Workshop & Bonus Ebook Here! (Limited to 30 seats)
Need to see before you believe?

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About Concept of Price

Concept of Price was established in 2007, with the focus of helping ordinary individuals successfully create another source of income, to achieve financial freedom for themselves. We have trained more than 1,000 students Price Rhythm High Speed strategies, and many of them are now successfully creating a 2nd source of income without spending more than 2 hours a day.

We have been featured in the book "Asia's TOP Investments & Franchise To Make Your First Million".

To read more about us, visit our website here.
About The Trainer

Chief Futures Trainer, Marcus Tay, started out as a financial advisor and continued for 10 years. As his business grew, he found himself seeing his clients more often than his family. That was when he decided to make some changes and started trading part-time.

Marcus became a Full-Time Professional Futures trader in 2003, and is now spending quality time with his family, living life exactly the way he wants. Marcus is well liked for his down to earth, simple and humorous style and sought after for his in-depth knowledge of Price Movements, Trend Reading and Scalping. His trading success has gotten him invited to speak at several forums and trading clubs, including the Options Trading Club in Singapore.
What Some of Our Students Have to Say

I have never traded before this workshop but the strategies Marcus introduced are so simple and mechanical, I didnt feel disadvantaged at all. I have already started trading live and am consistently winning. My best night yet is 5 out of 5!

Im amazed to see how Ive progressed so far. To think that I told myself never to touch Futures and focus only in Forex and Stocks. Now Im doing better in Futures than any other instruments. Im a total convert!
- Katherine Tan, 38
Marketing Manager
- Francis Ng, 42
http://www.conceptofprice.com Tel: 6100 1236
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