Why is Day Trading Emini Stock Index Futures good for beginners?
Submitted: 29 Sep 10 14:49

Trading Emini Futures is a cost effective way to start your adventure in the world of trading.. The US Based Emini futures tracks the price of their full size. Take the very popular Emini S&P (Standard and Poors) futures. Per tick move of the price of the full size S&P Futures  is 5 times more of that of the E-mini version. By trading the Emini version, your outlay and capital risk is thus greatly reduced.  The US market is also extremely liquid which means you will have no problem getting out of the market when you want to.  That means you will not get stuck with a position as there is a shortage of buyer or seller.

Another advantage is the very low commission and account opening requirement (As low as USD 3000) that is charged by a typical US-based broker. A roundabout trade may cost you only US4.50 per contract and it is the low commission that enables you to go in and out of the market quickly and frequently.

On top of that, most brokerages also provide free market data and charting software and they often have order management platforms that are very easy to use.

All you need now is a sound trading system, and you may begin your quest for trading success.