Is It Possible To Trade For A Living?
Submitted: 18 Aug 10 14:24
Last Updated: 18 Aug 10 14:25

Trading for a living is a very attractive proposal to many. You can live wherever you want, and practically be the master of your life. It is no wonder many people will take the challenge and attempt to embark on this endeavour. It is true to a certain extent that many who has tried has gotten nowhere after sometime, but it is also a great news to know that there are people out there who are able to trade successfully and profit consistently from the market.

The key points you need to consider to even beginning to try to trade for a living is:

 1.       Have a trading system that is vigorously tested to ensure you possess the edge in your trading decisions.

2.       Be informed of the psychological demands that is required to trading successfully.

3.       If possible, have someone who is already trading full time to give the necessary guidance and mentorship.

Once these are in place, it is through constant practice and fine tuning to your mindset and method that will see you through to a successful trading journey.